Flash Glam Bomber

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Bomber Jacket in collaboration with artist Fausto VI. Each item is serialized and signed. The edition is limited to 99 pieces.

Faust VI: “This design is inspired by the Flash tattoo. In the forms for quick tattoos whose origin was the ports where the sailors could rest, party and mark their bodies with the traces of their experiences. Some Old School, Blackwork and a hint of a prison tattoo. They are a kind of collective personal mythology, like a tarot without prophecy. A way of representing what we live and marks us. Yes, with a certain melodrama but never lacking in lightness and the ability to laugh and cry at the same time.”


Regular cut Varsity style. Comfortable to be used all year round, since the textile is thin. You do not need special care to wash. It can be done by machine and dryer, the print will remain.

Our garments are carefully cut and sewn so that the printed pattern is always symmetrical. Our artisan processes allow us to meticulously make each garment so that it is as special as its owner.

At Anacoreta we like to tell stories, we like to have fun and express ourselves through our clothes. Be part of our “wearable art”.

Product specifications


100% polyester

Highly durable satin textile, it is soft to the text and fresh, ideal to be used all year round. Textile printing of photographic quality, resistant to washing and drying. The fabric is NOT elastic.

Inside :

100% polyester

Sporty openwork that guarantees quick drying and very comfortable to the touch.


Metal clasp in blued finish. Very durable and resistant.


100% polyester

High quality polyester cardigan (rib) fabric. Resistant to washing without losing elasticity.

We are a responsible and conscious brand at every step of the creation process. When you buy Anacoreta you are part of a responsible, durable and ethical production chain with its staff, as well as the environment . Everything is created with love!

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